Capturing the Figure in Motion
Need a break from classic, still portraitures? Learn from our visiting artist how to render and define the features of a figure in motion. Robichau will discuss how to capture a pose and will share his techniques for using value to bring out the three-dimensionality of his figures. Acrylics, including metallic paint, a specialty of the artist, will be used for the class. (A one hour lunch break is included so bring a lunch or stroll up to the Square for a bite.)

Instructor: Jason Robichau
Dates: Saturday, October 27, 10 – 3
Times: 10am – 3pm
Ages: 18+
Minimum Students: 6
Fee: $65 (Includes $15 materials fee for paint) Bring your own canvas and brushes.

Raku Christmas Trees
A raku firing is a fantastic ceramic firing process to watch and to take part in, leaving elegant and surprising glazed surfaces of varied color and texture. Students will create fabulous ceramic Christmas trees from a pre-made blank and will learn the process of making their own blanks.  Their trees will be bisque fired, glazed and finally fired in the raku process. Students are welcome to play with fire by actively participating in the Saturday raku. Price includes materials.

Construction Days Monday and Tuesday, November 5 & 6, 6 pm
Glazing Day Thursday, November 8, 6 pm
Raku Firing Saturday, November 10, time is TBD
Age: 18+
Member Fee: $65
Non-Member Fee: $75
Students who want to have a hands-on part in the firing on Saturday must wear natural fiber clothing, closed-toe shoes and safety glasses.

Gallery Play Saturday: Trading Cards
The first of its kind! Gallery Play Saturday offers a special, interactive tour of the exhibit followed up by an art project related to the works on display. For the Art of Sport, young visitors will get the chance to explore drawing by creating their very own trading cards using themselves or their favorite athletes as inspiration. Kids may also bring in their own cards to share and even trade.

Date: Saturday, November 10
Time: 10am
Ages: 7 – 12
Maximum Students: 20
Fee: $5 per child

Fire and Sports
Get fired up by the interaction of creativity, athleticism and actual fire! Stop by the Center for the Arts to watch a live raku firing and the big Auburn/Georgia game. Check out the Art of Sport exhibit in the Roush Gallery then return to cheer for your favorite team and watch athletic artists in motion.

Dates: Saturday, November 10
Times: TBD
Ages: All ages
Free and Open to the Public