Realistic Drawing Class
Learn how to compose with line, shape, and tone in a class designed to introduce you to the basics of drawing from life. Using still-life setups and our environment as sources of visual inspiration, you’ll find out how to work with perspective, positive and negative shape, and texture as you explore the use of traditional drawing materials. A great class for beginners! Price includes all supplies.

Instructor: Amy Watts
Dates: Mondays, January 14 – May 13, 2019
Times: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Ages: 16 years & up
Member Fee: $50 per month
Non-Member Fee:  $60 per month
Minimum Artists: 5 artists
Maximum Artists:  10 artists

Color My World
Unleash your child’s imagination this fall! Color My World provides children a wonderful introduction to several forms of visual arts. In this class, each class brings a new project that may include drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. All materials are provided.

Instructor: Jill Bowman
Dates:  Tuesdays, January 15 – May 14, 2019
(Class will not meet on April 2)
Times: 4pm – 5:30pm
Ages:  8 – 12
Class Size:  Up to 15
Member Fee:  $150 per semester (Parents can pay $30 per month)
Non-Member Fee: $175 per semester (Parents can pay $35 per month)

Acrylics Class
A class to learn or enhance your skill in painting with acrylics, this group is also about accepting the joys of being an artist. If you don’t know how already, you will learn how to employ many painting tools, including palette knives, brushes, and paper towels (you’ll see!). The class will cover landscapes, portraits, seascapes, still life, architecture – pretty much anything you like. You will have complete freedom to paint whatever you wish. Structure is catered to your needs. The instructor is to teach you how to achieve the results you’re after. You will learn over time color theory, perspective, foreshortening, when to use a brush and when to use a knife, color temperature, pushing your values, how to place a proper bead on the edge of a painting knife, how to balance the consistency of the paint in a liner brush to easily paint beautiful tree limbs and blades of grass, and many, many other things. The class will exhibit their work in the month of January 2019 in the Galleria.

Instructor:  Omar Bolado
Dates: Wednesdays
Times:  10am – 12pm
Ages: 18+
Member Fee: $50 per month
Non-Member Fee: $60 per month

Creativity and Camaraderie Through Clay
This class is an introduction to clay processes focused on the fundamentals of sculpting with clay. Students will be introduced to hand-building techniques such as: coiling, slabbing, and pinching, as well as the beginning stages of wheel throwing. We will also focus on pre-fire surface methods including the application of colored clay slips and post-fire glazes. This class intends to introduce an understanding of the materiality of clay and create meaningful discussions. Throughout the process of molding the material, we will explore the ideas behind the work in hopes of creating an expressive, encouraging, and collaborative dialogue amongst participants. All materials are provided within price.

Instructor: Alex Ingle
Dates: Fridays, January 18 – May 17, 2019
(Class will not meet on April 5)
Times: 4pm – 5:30pm
Ages: 8 – 12
Class Size: Up to 15
Member Fee:  $140 per semester (Parents can pay $28 per month)
Non-Member Fee: $160 per semester (Parents can pay $32 per month)

Beginner/Advanced Watercolor Portraits
For this class, inspiring artists will learn the medium of watercolor by mimicking what the instructor does in class (no experience required).   Through observation and verbal instruction, inspiring artist learn basic skills in application of the medium. More skilled artists in the class will work on projects that are self-driven with verbal critiques and directed tutoring provided by instructor.

Instructor:  Wanda Cox
Dates:  Saturdays, January 5 – May 18, 2019
Times: 1pm – 3pm
Ages: 18+
Member Fee:  $50 per month
Non-Member Fee: $60 per month
Minimum Artists:  5 artists
Maximum Artists: 15 artists