SPRING THEATER CAMP: Hansel and Gretel
Campers will experience all elements of theatrical production as they audition for roles (everyone who registers gets a role…audition is just for experience and placement) learn dances, songs, lines and blocking, create simple costumes and sets, experience hands-on makeup application and take part in fun theatre exercises to build confidence and improve overall performance. Class will present a 30-minute production of “Hansel and Gretel”.
Camp Director…………………………Tammy Barton
Audition Dates…………….March 31, 11:00am – 3:00pm
Rehearsal Dates……………………March 31 – April 7
Ages ……………………………………………5 – 12
Show Dates…………………..April 7, 2:00pm & 3:30pm
Cost………………………………….$85 per camper
Class Size…………………………….Up to 16 actors
(Minimum class size 10 students)

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the science and artistry that is stage and movie makeup!  Cosmetics will be your paint and the human form will be your canvas as you let your creativity take flight!

This 3-day camp is a fun, hands-on exploration into the world of stage and movie makeup.  Activities include a variety of themes and styles, including glamour and fashion, scars and special effects, and age/character development. Students will be taught the fundamentals of application, color theory and coordination, safety, sanitation and hygiene, contouring, and much, much more.  After the workshop, our makeup artists get to display their handiwork before a live audience!

Nourishing the imagination, collaborating with others, critical thinking, knowledge of art, science and history, problem solving, and fine motor skills are a few of the benefits of learning the art of make-up.

Instructor: Shelby Miller
Dates: May 23 – 25
Times: 1pm – 4pm
Ages: 13yrs – 19yrs
Fee: $75 per camper

Become one of the many characters found in the world of Dr. Seuss. Join us as the Cat in the Hat tells the story of Horton; an elephant who discovers a whole world in a speck of dust, including the inquisitive JoJo. But when Horton has to guard Mayzie LaBird’s egg, his tiny world is in danger! A classic story of faith and courage in the face of ridicule, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to be a part of this production.

Performance for Session I will be on Saturday, June 16 at 6pm with a dress rehearsal at 10am on the same day.  Performance for Session II will be on Saturday, June 23 at 6pm with a dress rehearsal at 10am on the same day.

Camp Director: Jenny Lyle
Dates & Times: (Session I) June 4 – 8 & June 11 – 15; 9am – 12pm
(Session II): June 11 – 15 & June 18 – 22; 1pm – 4pm
Ages: 8yrs – 12yrs
Fee: $150 per camper for two weeks.
Show Ticket: $5 per person

Summer Theatrical Camp is a one-week intensive camp for tweens aged 12 to 14 years’ old who are inspired by theatres latest character designs and trends. Campers will learn basic to advanced techniques from basic stage faces to fantastic creation and gory effects for big screen. Perfect for any aspiring to a career in theatre or film!

Instructor: Amy Anderson
Dates: July 2-3 & 5-6
Times: 1pm – 4pm
Ages: 12yrs – 14yrs
Fee: $75 per camper

The timeless tale of the Jungle Book, Mowgli and his pals Bageera, Baloo and Ka comes to life in this exciting camp! Campers must audition for roles and then come together to learn lines, character and basic production skills. This is a great introduction for the young actor to build confidence and theater knowledge.

Show is Saturday, July 14 @ 6pm
Camp Director: Tammy Barton
Dates (TWO WEEKS): July 2 – 6 & July 9 – 13
(Camp will not meet on July 4)
Times: 1pm – 4 pm
Ages: 5yrs – 7yrs
Camp Size: Minimum 10; Maximum 30
Fee: $150 per camper for two week

We could all use some lessons in good ‘character’ and this hilarious, enlightening play will do the trick! This production for young actors leaps from the pages of your favorite fairy tales. As the fairy tale advice council helps the Big Bad Wolf learn the golden rule, Cinderella manage her anger, and Jack and the Giant learn to get along. Campers will work on memorization, character building and the theater skills with a live performance at the end of the week.

Instructor: Jenny Lyle
Dates: July 23 – 27
Times: 9am – 3pm
Ages: 8yrs – 12yrs
Fee: $100 per camper