Refining the Grain: A Selection of Contemporary Works in Wood
Roush Gallery

Opening Reception: January 4, 5pm
Dates: January 4 through February 14
This group exhibition explores the versatility of wood as an artistic medium for the creation of functional and sculptural forms. Refining the Grain investigates each artist’s motivations for using the material as their medium of choice, while exposing their production processes. Discover how more traditional woodworking techniques and contemporary methods are being combined, renewed and refined by these artists to fit within their current studio practice. Featured artists include woodturner Steve Pritchard, Rough Cut Designs owner Johnny Jackson and sculptor John Lebowitz. Robert Lyon, guest scholar and distinguished professor emeritus from the School of Visual Art and Design at the University of South Carolina, will also be exhibiting with the group.

Norman Rockwell in the 1940s: A View of the American Homefront
Roush Gallery

Opening Reception: February 22, 5pm
Dates: February 22 through April 4
Organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the exhibit presents a collection of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers during the 1940s. These covers were inspired by life on the American homefront during World War II. Rockwell’s powerful Four Freedoms, unforgettable Rosie the Riveter, exuberant Homecoming Soldier and hapless but lovable infantryman, Willie Gillis, are among the many memorable images contained within this exhibition of original tear-sheets featuring forty-four Rockwell illustrations. Founded in 1969 with the help of Norman and Molly Rockwell, the Norman Rockwell Museum is dedicated to the enjoyment and study of Rockwell’s work and his contributions to society, popular culture and social commentary.

Gallery Play Saturday
Draw Like Rockwell 
Take a tour of Rockwell’s 1940s images and learn some fun facts and a little history in this student-friendly tour. Then jump into a lesson on how Rockwell created his masterpieces and make one yourself using pencil, charcoal and pastel.
Date: March 16
Session I: 10am; Ages 8 – 12
Session II: 12pm; Ages 13 – 16
Cost: $5 per person
Maximum: 20 participants per session
Materials: Provided by the Arts Center (paper, pencil, pencil sharpener, willow charcoal, pastels, eraser, Rockwell photos of models for students to use: liberty girl, etc.)

Bloom into Spring
Roush Gallery

Opening Reception: April 11, 5pm
Dates: April 11 through May 23
The Roush Gallery welcomes back the warm weather and beautiful days of spring with a juried exhibit celebrating the season. Members of the Carrollton Artist Guild will be challenged to produce work in their own style inspired by the theme and compete with one another for awards selected by a special guest juror. You can expect lively scenes, bright flowers and maybe a few surprises as artists interpret the time for new life and outdoor adventures. The guild is comprised of artists and artisans of various media. Their goal is to network, critique, share and promote local participation in the arts, including hosting two art shows per year and helping to sponsor other events such as the Arts Festival of Carrollton and Empty Bowls.

Gallery Play Saturday
 Miniature Garden Party
Take a tour of the gallery and then join Carroll County Master Gardeners with a fun workshop for kids (and parents) to create their own Miniature Garden. Themes include Fairy, Dinosaur, Dragon, Farm Gardens and more!
Date: April 13, 2019
Times: 10am
Cost: $10 per child, accompanying adult is free. Up to two children per adult. One 14″ Garden per child.
Ages: 5 and up
Maximum: 25 participants (50 with parents included)
Materials: All materials and snacks included

The Accidental Beauty of Rural America by Keith May
Galleria Hall

Opening Reception: May 30, 5pm
Dates: May 9 through June 7
A 2001 assignment to photograph the changing face of rural America led Keith May down a rabbit hole of dirt roads and lost highways, east to west, on a roaring silver Harley. “Go where the wind blows you and let pictures tell the story,” became more than his editor’s vague direction. The quietly provocative scenes included in his collection, The Accidental Beauty of the Rural South prove that the more things change, the more they stay the same and the best assignments never end.

The Art of Puppet People from the Studio of Angela Beasley
Roush Gallery

Opening Reception: May 30, 5pm
Dates: May 30 through July 5
The Art of Puppetry comes alive in this special exhibit of unique puppetry created by Angela Beasley’s studio. For more than 47 years the Puppet People of Savannah Georgia have created and toured larger than life entertainment in their distinctive “glitz n’ grits” style. Audiences from all over the United States and abroad have laughed and sang along with Beasley’s signature cabaret shows for all ages. Objects on display will include shadow, marionette, hand and rod and much more, illuminating the world of puppetry. Popular cultural icons immortalized in puppetry, along with Angela’s imaginative characters from original plays and stories, will entice the young as well as the young at heart. Don’t miss the opening evening, full of activities and a unique performance of the Puppet People’s art.

Gallery Play Friday
Colorful Puppets for Kids 

May 31, 10 am
Check out the amazing puppets in the special summer exhibit and create your very own puppet to take home!
Date: May 31, 2019
Times: 10am
Ages: 7 and up (younger children may participate but will need a parent’s assistance)
Cost: $10 per child
Maximum: 40 participants
Materials: All materials and snacks included.