The Carrollton Cultural Arts Center is interested in cultivating and strengthening the artistic aspirations of motivated young people. Summer Art Camps at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center are designed to provide valuable, in-depth, hands-on instruction from professional artists, and educators in the arts.

Our Summer Art Camp allows children to explore varied mediums of visual and performance art in a safe and nurturing environment. Bolstered by an atmosphere of acceptance, creativity, and positive feedback, children are able to study new art mediums or hone their skills in their areas of interest. Students participate in a wide range of activities that foster artistic, personal and social development.

Five-day camps cost just $15-20 per day, depending on whether it is a half-day or full-day program. The cost of Summer Art Camp is a direct reflection of the quality of the programs we offer, which are designed to not only provide a fun and memorable experience for children, but also provide lasting benefits, such as encouraging them to explore new activities, and stimulating the imagination.

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